wishfin mtuzo integration

WishFin + mTuzo integration

WishFin is a leading marketplace for loans and other financial services. The WishFin app allows consumers to check their CIBIL score for free. mTuzo APIs power Offers-near-me experience for consumers on the WishFin app. They can see the unique offers for their cards, near their current or search location. Download the WishFin app and see the magic of offers delivered wherever you are. Sounds interesting? Talk to us today.

OneAssist mTuzo integration

Offers for OneAssist Wallet Assurance customers

One Assist is a leading provider of wallet assurance solutions. As a customer of OneAssist’s wallet assurance solution, the app seeks the customer’s debit and credit card details. mTuzo provides the unique offers valid for these cards in any customer’s virtual wallet. Offers that are aggregated across banks and networks. Download the OneAssist app, buy a Wallet Assurance plan and see it in action today ! Do you know the payment instruments of your customers? mTuzo can help build higher… Read More »Offers for OneAssist Wallet Assurance customers

Card benefits API

Get Cards Benefits API

Most of the credit and debit cards come with membership benefits including joining benefits, subscriptions, spend based rewards, cash back etc. This API will help you pull out the unique benefits of an individual card including Joining Benefits Annual renewal benefits CashBack (if any) Reward points multiplier Golf benefits Lounge Benefits Travel vouchers API url : <baseURL>action=offers_near_me&clientkey=< clientkey >&clientpass=< clientpass >&apikey=< apikey >&user_latitude=< user latitude >&user_longitude=< user longitude >&cardcode = < individual specific card code> Parameters: action = get_card_benefits clientkey =… Read More »Get Cards Benefits API

mTuzo Chrome Extension

mTuzo Chrome Extension for eComm Offers

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A Chrome Extension to showcase your eComm shopping/card offers, may be a good asset in your eComm strategy. Why? Getting a bigger share of your customer’s online spends is a key goal for most banking and payment professionals. In most cases, apart from making it a more convenient and friction-less payment experience, there is usually an offer/incentive element also trigger trials and early adoption. mTuzo works with banks and fintechs via the Online Offers API Most banks engage with the… Read More »mTuzo Chrome Extension for eComm Offers


mTuzo API integration steps

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mTuzo APIs have been designed for not only powering the specific use-cases that drive more spends, but also to ensure that the API integration steps are simple and intuitive. Step 1: Which APIs will I need in my integration? As a first step, we recommend you to identify the exact APIs that would be needed in the integration. The list of mTuzo APIs available for our partners are as under Get Banks Get Cities Get Cards (& Card codes) Get… Read More »mTuzo API integration steps


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mTuzo APIs can enable a powerful customer journey based on Offers-Near-ATM. The challenge for most debit card issuers is that a big chunk of the “active” portfolio is only ATM active and POS inactive. I.e. the customers use their debit cards only to withdraw cash at ATMs but do not use it for shopping in-stores or online. What if? We engage with customers who are transacting at a specific ATM and showcase relevant offers within “x” meters? This would be… Read More »Offers-Near-ATM