February 2016


Online Offers API

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eCommerce spends are growing at a very high pace. And as issuers, we need to ensure that we get a higher share of our customer’s online spends. While the banks spend a lot of effort in regularly sourcing online offers from the top ecomm merchants, many a times the customers are not aware of it. Or they miss out due to the cluttered check-out page. Sometimes the merchant(s) may not promote the offer effectively. All said, we need to have… Read More »Online Offers API

Offers-Near-Me API response


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The Offers-Near-Me API is available in multiple variants (as detailed below). Choose the one that works best for your current environment. Also read how this API can be used for Offers-near-ATM use-case Offers-Near-me with Latlon API url : <baseURL>action=offers_near_me&clientkey=< clientkey >&clientpass=< clientpass >&apikey=< apikey >&user_id=< userid >&user_latitude=< user latitude >&user_longitude=< user longitude >&card_codes = < specific card codes> Parameters: action = offers_near_me clientkey = < client key > clientpass= < client password > apikey = < api key > user_id =… Read More »Offers-Near-Me


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mTuzo APIs can enable a powerful customer journey based on Offers-Near-ATM. The challenge for most debit card issuers is that a big chunk of the “active” portfolio is only ATM active and POS inactive. I.e. the customers use their debit cards only to withdraw cash at ATMs but do not use it for shopping in-stores or online. What if? We engage with customers who are transacting at a specific ATM and showcase relevant offers within “x” meters? This would be… Read More »Offers-Near-ATM

Error Codes

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Error Code Response Description MT000 ‘Invalid API Call’ ‘Please get API keys to make calls.’ MT101 ‘Method “XXX” not found.’ The requested method was not found. MT102 ‘Missing required parameter’ Parameters which are required have not been sent MT103 ‘Invalid Location’ Invalid range of latitude/longitude has been sent MT106 ‘Parameter “XXX” has an invalid value.’ The provided parameter value is not valid. MT303 ‘Service currently unavailable’ The requested service is temporarily unavailable. MT302 ‘Unexpected error’ ‘An unexpected error was encountered… Read More »Error Codes