mTuzo – helps banks,fintechs build higher engagement and increase spends

Offers communicated smartly, contextually

Card issuers and networks have traditionally relied on spend-based-offers to increase their share of the wallet. But the takeup rate of these offers is usually low because the offers are not communicated contextually to the consumers.

With consumers embracing digital channels, the opportunities available to banks and fintechs to communicate these offers smartly has increased manifold.

mTuzo is focused on delivering smarter and intuitive offer-communication capabilities to banks.

Offers that are taken up, offers that deliver value to merchant-partners too. Offers which can be tracked and made better. Explore our APIs for more details.

Take offers to multiple consumer touch-points

Our geo-sensitive db of offers and ready-to-deploy suite of APIs means you can now showcase offers across

  • Mobile Apps
  • ATMs (think debit-card-activation programs)
  • Whatsapp and other Chat-based channels
  • Alexa and other voice-based interfaces
  • And many more

Consumer experiences we power

With our APIs, you can easily enable the following customer-experiences

Watch live demos of our integration with our partners.

Take a look at our Offers-Near-Me use-case below:

Location is one of the most powerful context in talking to your consumers and prospects.

At mTuzo, we tap into the location (via multiple proxies) to show users what are the most interesting offers near their current location(s) or the selected destinations.
Do you have a location savvy use-case or engagement platform? Talk to us to see how Offers-Near-Me can add value to your current offerings.

Get started with more than 60 K merchant locations.

Get offers that are validated and currently live, so that your Offers-near-me feature is available at scale on Day 1. With just a simple set of API integrations. (read : how to get started with mTuzo)

Our APIs are relevant for

  • Card networks e.g. Visa, Mastercard, RuPay etc
  • Card issuing Banks
  • Neo banks with a card-based proposition
  • FinTechs that have consumer cards mapped
  • Loan & credit aggregators that have card based information
  • Payment apps (e.g. the ApplePay, GPay, Samsung Pay) integrated with card rails

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