Offers Feedback API

Offers Feedback API

The moment of truth for an offer campaign is when the customer has a great experience at the store. But many a times, the customers experience is far from satisfactory. The offer may have been declined to the customer and in that moment, the customer feels highly dis-empowered.

With our Offers-Feedback API, we put control back in the hands of the customer. Any time the offer is declined or the experience is unsatisfactory, the customer can report it back to the bank with just 2 simple clicks.

Offers Feedback API from mTuzo
Empower your customers to easily share any sub-optimal experience

At our end, we aggregate these requests to identify the top merchants where interventions are needed. It usually is a training issue or in some cases even fraud.

API url : <baseURL>action=user_feedback&clientkey=< clientkey >&clientpass=< clientpass >&apikey=< apikey >&user_id=< userid >&user_latitude=< user latitude >&user_longitude=< user longitude >&feedback_type=< feedback type >&comment=< comment >&offer_code=< offercode >&your_bank_code=< bankcode >&outlet_code=< outletcode >


  • action = feedback
  • clientkey = < client key >
  • clientpass= < client password >
  • apikey = < api key >
  • user_id = < user’s email id/user’s device Id >
  • user_latitude = < user’s latitude >
  • user_longitude = < user’s longitude >Check if the user is infact at the location or not
  • feedback_type = < feedback type for eg. 1. Merchant Declined 2. Offer Expired >
  • comment = < comment >
  • offer_code = < offercode >
  • your_bank_code = < bankcode >
  • outlet_code = < outletcode >


This API will return a Sucess/Error or missing value message in JSON format. Check out the response JSON

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