Offers API mTuzo

mTuzo Offers API

Offers API are the core of mTuzo platform. These allow our partners to effortlessly power multiple use-cases like – offers-near-me, offer-details, Get-online-offers, report-offers-denied

The offers API have a standard base URL : typically something like<version>/<APItype>/find?

Currently there are 3 different APIs under offers which are

The multiple variants have been developed to provide a high level of flexibility and configuration options.

API Action Name Parameters
1 A Offers Near Me Bankcode + latlon
1 B Offers Near Me Bankcode + cityname
1 C CategoryOffers Bankcode + latlon + category
1 D CategoryOffers Bankcode + cityname + category
2 A OnlineOffers Bankcode + latlon
2 B OnlineOffers Bankcode + cityname
2 C OnlineOffers Bankcode + current location + tags
3 Offers Feedback Issue + userid + offercode + bankcode + outletcode

Choose the API and the specific variant(s) that you would want to use in your applications carefully. We have designed multiple variants after a detailed set of discussions and analysis with our potential partners.

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